What We Teach

Reformation is a truly confessional church.  That is, we hold to the Lutheran Confessions not just because we believe they are a correct summary of the teachings of Holy Scripture, but because we believe that what they teach is the doctrine and practice of the church for all time.

As Lutherans we preach/teach the pure Gospel, and are sacramental.  That is, we believe forgiveness comes to us through the preaching of the Gospel, and through Baptism and the Lord's Supper.

However, unlike many sacramental churches, we do not pray to saints, because we believe that prayer is an act of worship, and worship is reserved only for God.  We also do not pray for the dead other than that God would hasten the consummation of their bliss (when soul and body are reunited).  We don't pray for the dead because the Scriptures indicate that once a person dies, there is no changing where or how they will spend eternity.